Arizona Republic Layoff List of the Month: Positions Slashed From Web, Copy Desk, Design Staff and More





Here's our leaked list of news-side people let go in the current round of Arizona Republic layoffs, which are part of a nationwide Gannett reduction:

Laura McBride, Jennifer Johnson, Dave Lumia, Ralph Zubiate, Heather Wells [copy editor], Jeremie Lederman, Bobby Boos, Theresa Cano, David Proffitt [City Life editor], Jenny Poon, Marcia Hammond, Nicki Escudero [ content manager], John Davis, Jerry McElfresh, Mark Watters, Christine Keith, Ed Perkins, Jana Aguirre, Laura Jablonski [online ad director].

As in previous posts like this, we acknowledge the unofficial nature of this information, which comes from deep within the bowels of the Republic's headquarters. If any names are incorrect [or you know of any to add], please feel free to write in.

Tweets on the subject can be found, for those so inclined, by searching for "#azrlayoffs" on