Podcast: Love Phoenix or Leave Phoenix

By Jonathan McNamara

In addition to being a veritable expert on the ins and outs of Phoenix as the cultural diamond in the rough that is this patch of desert (as evidenced by "Has Phoenix Finally Arrived? Feel the Love" and "New Times Staffers Weigh In on Why They’re Not Leaving Phoenix Anytime Soon") Robrt L. Pela has an exceptional radio voice. With that in mind, we present a more intimate listen to his reasons for staying in the Valley instead of moving off to cooler climes. Take a listen and, should you be so inclined, phrase your own reasons for loving Phoenix rather than leaving it and let us know by dropping us a line at [email protected]. Entries will be pored over and selected for publication right here on

Be sure to check in tomorrow for two more podcasts from Phoenix native Lilia Menconi and returning Phoenician Wynter Holden.