Another DOC Inmate Steals Car, Escapes Custody

For the second time in just over a year, an Arizona prison inmate has stolen a car and escaped custody.

The latest con to escape the clutches of the Arizona Department of Corrections: 40-year-old Dyan Castorena.

According to the DOC, Castorena was was working at the Manheim Auto Auction in Tolleson this morning when she stole one of the cars and drove off.

Fittingly, Castorena is currently serving a 1.5-year prison sentence at the Arizona State Prison Complex-Perryville for theft.

Arizona Department of Corrections teams from Perryville and the Lewis prison have been dispatched to apprehend her.

Castorena was last seen about 11 a.m. leaving the auto auction in a 4-door silver or gray Toyota Camry heading west.

In July of 2010, inmate Lonnie Smith took off from the work crew at the Huachuca City Landfill in a city-owned vehicle.

Smith was a minimum-security inmate at the Arizona prison complex in Douglas who was serving time for a drug paraphernalia violation and misconduct involving a weapon. A convicted thief and forger, he picked up the weapons charge after being caught with a weapon in his home.

Turns out, a city employee had accidentally left the keys in the vehicle prior to Smith stealing it. He was captured a few weeks later.