James Baker: Another School Bus Driver Pleads Guilty to Trying to Sex Up a Kid

Let's hope this isn't becoming a trend, but today marked the second time in as many weeks that a school bus driver pleaded guilty to doing something sexual with a kid.

On July 6, it was the former Legacy Charter School bus driver who liked to be called "Mr. Bill" who pleaded guilty to charges related to luring a 9-year-old girl to his car and molesting her.

This morning, James Louis Baker -- a former Paradise Valley Unified School District bus driver with no known creepy nickname -- pleaded guilty to trying to have sex with an imaginary 13-year-old he met on the Internet.

After so many episodes of To Catch a Predator, you'd think people would finally come to the realization that 13-year-old girls are on the Internet for guys like a 54-year-old bus driver to have sex with.

As is usually the case, Baker was chatting up a cop on Yahoo Chat.

Baker, using the handle "ILUVCLASSICCARS," chatted with the girl about meeting up and having sex, even flashing his penis to the girl using his webcam.

After a few months of chatting -- and even telling the girl that he was a bus driver for handicapped children -- Baker and the "girl" agreed to meet at a Chandler park.

Baker showed up to the park, and got a free ride to jail from Chandler Police Department sex crimes detectives.

His sentencing is scheduled for August 15, two days after "Mr. Bill" is set to be sentenced for picking up a 9-year-old girl from her front yard and molesting her.

James King contributed to this post.