Colorado City Now Has Cops That Enforce Arizona Laws Instead of a Child Rapist's Laws

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Mohave County Sheriff Tom Sheahan and his deputies are now patrolling Colorado City, since the Warren Jeffs kiss-asses who were supposed to be policing the town just couldn't seem to enforce state laws.

Colorado City, the spot on the Utah/Arizona border that the child-rapist Jeffs used to call home -- and remains the home to members of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints -- was previously patrolled only by the "Marshal's Office," which is believed to be loyal to Jeffs instead of the law.

That belief has been a focus of Attorney General Tom Horne for quite some time, and recently became the focus of the Justice Department's Civil Rights Division, which alleges -- in part -- that the "Marshal's Office" does its policing on the basis of FLDS law, instead of enforcing actual laws.

The unconstitutional policing allegations include the Marshals confronting people about disobeying FLDS rules, slaughtering non-FLDS members' animals (including a massive slaughter of dogs ordered by Jeffs), helping return underage brides to their creepy husbands, and much more.

This has been going on for "at least 20 years," according to the feds' complaint.

Horne tried to replace the "Marshal's Office" -- which has absolutely nothing to do with the U.S. Marshals Service -- but the legislation he supported was shot down in the House this last session.

Before that federal lawsuit came in, Horne's office announced a $420,000 grant to the Mohave County Sheriff's Office for patrols, which comes from asset-forfeiture funds obtained through drug prosecutions.

Horne said last month he hopes that the grant with the Sheriff's Office will serve as a bridge until next year, as he's banking on the Legislature approving the legislation the next time around.

The Sheriff's Office says the grant -- which it cites as being $500,000 -- will pay for "deputy sheriff overtime and expenses to provide fair and unbiased law enforcement services to this community on the Arizona Utah border."