Congrats, Joe Arpaio! 75,000 People (At Least) on Facebook Can't Stand You

Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio isn't one of the cool kids -- at least in the all-important world of Facebook.

A Facebook group dedicated to putting an end to Arpaio's reign over Maricopa County hit its latest milestone yesterday -- the group's membership is now 75,000, and that's only after being in existence for six months.

We've been following the progress of the group People Against Sheriff Joe Arpaio since it was formed, and it seems that the more Arpaio rattles his brown-bashing sabers, the more popular the group becomes.

Last week's dust-up over SB 1070 apparently has made Arpaio even less popular on "The Book" than ever before.

The group's founder, Devin Fleenor, tells New Times that SB 1070 has actually been pretty good for business.

"Our page had its busiest week this week, likely due to SB 1070 going into effect and the resulting news coverage," Fleenor says. "Although we are still 100 percent determined to get Arpaio out of office, the page is evolving. We are becoming a hub for the human rights struggle in Arizona."

The group isn't just a geeky, on-line club for those who don't like the sheriff, its work extends from the realm of cyber-space into the real world.

Fleenor uses the site to organize protests, and he even led a rally at which he chained himself to the Fourth Avenue Jail last week. For some reason, he wasn't arrested. Click here for the details.

"Stay tuned -- this month will bring about more protests, more acts of civil disobedience, and more high-profile voices against hate-based legislation like SB 1070," he says. "Arpaio is going to have his hands full if I have anything to say about it."