Would Bill Montgomery and Company Actually Prosecute Porn Actors for Prostitution?

Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery sent out a gentle reminder yesterday that anyone paid to appear in a porno flick "may be guilty" of prostitution.

He's not saying the County Attorney's Office is going after the porno industry -- or that it isn't -- but with rumors of California-based porno companies coming over to the desert after Los Angeles' new law requiring porn actors to wear condoms, he's just sayin'.

Montgomery's office also issued the warning that soliciting someone to make a porno appearance, collecting money as a porn star's agent, bringing actors from California to Arizona to do porn, making a place available for shooting, and producing porn may all be felonies in Arizona. Again, he's just sayin'.

As you may know, pornography companies have been operating in Arizona -- or, as local talent Taryn Thomas calls it, "like a mini Porn Valley" -- for years.

To that, County Attorney's Office spokesman Jerry Cobb tells New Times, "There have been people doing all kinds of things are illegal, but not everyone's caught and prosecuted."

And nobody in the county's faced prostitution charges for porno appearances since Montgomery took over, Cobb says.

Our question this morning: Would the County Attorney's Office actually prosecute porn actors and others for prostitution?

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