Are You Buying Ben Quayle's Israeli Lake Story?

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Congressman Ben Quayle is accused of swimming in a lake in Israel, and possibly witnessing one of his colleagues remove his clothes before jumping in that same lake.

Congressman Kevin Yoder, of Kansas, was the one who hopped in naked during a Republican congressional delegation's trip to Israel last year, and Politico reported alcohol could've been the deciding factor for some of the congressmen to jump in the lake.

Quayle says the accusations -- which seem pretty tame as far as these types of things are concerned -- aren't even true.

"The trip to Israel was not only an amazing experience for my wife and I, but extremely significant to our Christian faith," Quayle said. "Earlier in the evening I had entered the Sea of Galilee very briefly to secure a jar of water so my daughter could be baptized with it. At no point in time was I aware of, or witness to, any inappropriate behavior, as I had retired to my hotel room with my wife before the described misconduct occurred."

Congressman David Schweikert -- Quayle's primary opponent, who was also on the Israel trip -- apparently heard a different version of events, as he berated Quayle in a statement he gave to the Arizona Republic.

"I am disappointed but not surprised by Ben Quayle's behavior in Israel," Schweikert said. "Two years ago he embarrassed Arizona with his involvement in an adult website and now, as a congressman, he embarrasses both the institution of Congress and Arizona with his completely inappropriate behavior that calls into question yet again his fitness to be in Congress."

So, are you buying Quayle's version of events?

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