Glendale Police Answer the Burning Question: Cardinals Fan Shot the Raiders Fan

The Glendale Police Department still hasn't gotten into a ton of detail about Friday's shooting outside the University of Phoenix Stadium, but the question the burning question has been answered -- the Arizona Cardinals fan shot the Oakland Raiders fan.

The shooting occurred in a parking lot outside the stadium while the preseason game between the Cardinals and Raiders was still going on, and police said the "incident appear[ed] to be fan based."

"It does appear that the parties involved were supporting different teams, the 57 yr old male and his wife were Cardinals fans, while the person that sustained the gunshot wound appeared to be a Raiders fan," Glendale police say in a statement. "However, there has been absolutely no information obtained by investigators that would point to a specific conflict that occurred prior to the shooting that was as a result of their differing team support."

The 30-year-old man who was shot had silver face-paint on, according to police.

The Cardinals fan/accidental shooter was taken into custody, questioned, and released. Police said over the weekend that potential charges are pending against both men.

"What we can tell you is that there was not enough compelling evidence gathered on scene, through statements or physical evidence, to make the investigators comfortable with an arrest on the 57 yr old male, who was in the company of his wife, at the time the handgun was fired," Glendale PD's statement says. "Investigators are comfortable that they will be able to contact [him] or his wife at any point they need to. It does appear that the couple had been in the stadium for some portion of the game, and left prior to the end."

Police say investigators still have to interview a few people about the shooting, and that's not happening right this second "for a number of reasons," the statement says.

Police add that releasing any specific details "could very easily compromise the investigation."