Governor Jan Brewer "Has Did" Awful Job Debating During Gubernatorial Debate

If you missed the hour-long gubernatorial debate on Horizon last night, you missed a train wreck performance by Gov. Jan Brewer.

The hour-long session with the Brewer (Republican), Terry Goddard (Democrat), Barry Hess (Libertarian) and Larry Gist (Green) started off bad for Brewer and just kept getting worse.

Brewer kicked it off by blanking out for several seconds during her opening statement and laughing nervously. When it seems like she's finally pulling it together, she exclaims: "We have did what was right for Arizona" and "I have really did the very best that anyone could do..." (Check it out on youtube)

And she wrapped it all up by leaving the studio and bolting when reporters confronted her about her "headless bodies in the desert" comment.

Not pretty.

Horizon host Ted Simons deserves props for nicely refereeing Brewer and Goddard during the debate. He asked candidates about education, health care and the state budget, but most of the debate centered on immigration. Shocker.

Goddard performed well, as even some of his haters had to concede in their tweets.

@Surprise_Jester: Goddard confirms what what we learned from Obama. You can be articulate and a dumbass at the same time.

Here are more tweets posted about last night's debate by all nine people who were watching.


@brahmresnik: AZGOV 25 minutes in, Goddard finding his voice. Sounding more like guy who's down 20 points. Now tweaking Brewer, after she toyed with him  
@NTinAZ: it is no wonder @GovBrewer only wants to debate @TerryGoddardAZ once! Good work Terry!
@kbondelli: Goddard just cleaned up the #azgov debate

AZGOV Hess wants to get off 1070. Brewer won't drop that bone.
@azcinsider: Libertarian Barry Hess starts debate by saying SB1070 shouldn't be the focus of the campaign. 'We're facing a depression,' he says.
@azcinsider: Goddard pivots on 1070, trying to turn the attention to his record as attorney general. He says he's focused on border security.
@ExJon: Brewer won the gubernatorial election as soon as she signed SB1070.
@JimSharpe: If only the law came with a teleprompter... RT @ExJon: Brewer won the gubernatorial election as soon as she signed SB1070.
@azcinsider: Wild and woolly now as Brewer laughs at Goddard and tells him he doesn't want to secure the border.

@brahmresnik: AZGOV You need to stop saying things that are untrue and defame our state, Goddard tells Brewer.  
@brahmresnik:  AZGOV Goddard calls on Brewer to say there are no beheadings. Gov ignores, calls on Goddard to renounce unions.  
@azcinsider: Goddard lands some shots on Brewer over her 'beheadings' statements. Brewer responds by criticizing Goddard over union support of boycotts.
@brahmresnik: Brewer cuts off reporters questions after 90 seconds. Refuses to answer whether she'll take back beheading statements.

@brahmresnik: AZGOV SPOILER ALERT "There but for the grace of God I arrived," Brewer says of elevation to governor amid recession. (Huh?)  

@ MrFurlough: I've heard illegal immigrant anchor babies talk more coherently than Jan Brewer
@cmreilly: RT @brahmresnik: #AZGOV Why can't Gov conjugate verb "to do"? // English not her 1st language? Let's call for her to prove her citizenship.
@thePoliticop: Jan Brewer used the word "unillegal" wouldn't that be......legal?
@ChrisB357: at the very least, I think Gov Brewer found her campaign slogan-"WE HAVE DID"
@azcinsider: Brewer: Terry has did nothing.
@brahmresnik: AZGOV Just into her opening statement, governor goes blank for 5 seconds. That after catching herself almost saying "I have...did."  
@azcinsider: Brewer: "Terry, Terry, Terry, Terry, Terry, Terry."

@brahmresnik: AZGOV Goddard says emergency action plan will bring 300K jobs to state.  
@azcInsider: Larry Gist mentions the 5 C's, and promises to add a sixth C, for creating jobs. We'll C!
@azcinsider: As expected, Goddard hits the economy hard, blaming Brewer for 128,000 lost jobs and saying he'll bring 300,000 new ones to the state.
@repcampbell: Jan Brewer - for the last time. WE DO NOT HAVE A BALANCED BUDGET!!!!!!
@brahmresnik: AZGOV 'Terry, Terry, Terry,' Brewer mocks Goddard after he says she never balanced budget. Hess backs up Goddard.

@brahmresnik: AZGOV Knocking kids off KidsCare just mean and hardhearted, Goddard says. How do we afford it? Brewer responds. Pins him to Obama admin.
@brahmresnik: Brewer on federal health care reform: "The bottom line is we simply cannot afford it."
@brahmresnik: AZGOV HCR not perfect but moving in right direction, Goddard says. Brewer says AZ cannot afford it and it's unconstitutional.  

@azcInsider: Brewer hits Goddard for not supporting Prop100 till the last minute: He tested the wind and got on board. He knew it was the only solution.
@brahmresnik: AZGOV Goddard got on board w Prop 100 when he knew it was the only solution, Brewer says. He was 'twisting in the wind.'  
@azcInsider: Goddard calls Prop. 100 "blackmail."
AZGOV Taking credit for Prop100 after cutting ed $ like saving drowning man after you pushed him in, Goddard says to Brewer.