Joe Arpaio Pissy Over Pro-Pot T-Shirt Bearing His Image

Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio's panties are in a bunch over a t-shirt that's being distributed by Arizona's "Weed Party." The t-shirt is pro-prop-203, shows a picture of a pot leaf, and pictures Arpaio suckin' on a weed pipe.

We have one in our office -- it's very hip.

The sheriff took to Twitter to piss and moan about the shirt, which was distributed near polling places on election day to try and drum up support for the medical marijuana proposition -- which may or may not pass.

"I am outraged at this. I have devoted my life to fighting crime and drugs. A matter of free speech though," Arpaio "tweeted" on Tuesday.

Don't let the geriatric law dog trick you into thinking he's a crusader for free speech -- in case you forgot, he had the owners of this newspaper jailed when he didn't like some of the things they had to say.

The t-shirt is the product of the t-shirt designer "Arise Now" on behalf of Arizona's "Weed Party," which supports the medical marijuana initiative.

The "Arise Now" Web site is creepy. It's nothing more than a few odd designs with the words "coming soon" on the right side of the page. Some speculate the group is a would-be marijuana dispensary waiting for the medical marijuana initiative to pass.

Check it out the Web site here.