Greg Stanton: Leading Arrogant Butcher's Straw Poll In First Week

The Arrogant Butcher, downtown's newest dining spot, has been running a straw poll to gauge who might be Phoenix's next mayor.

The results for Week One are in, and former Deputy Attorney General and Councilman Greg Stanton is leading the pack.

Stanton: 168
Councilman Claude Mattox: 126
Councilwoman Peggy Neely: 78
Lobbyist Wes Gullett: 47
Libertarian Thane Eichenauer: 18

We couldn't help but wonder why the results stacked up the way they did, but maybe ...


...maybe Claude Mattox and Peggy Neely didn't do better because they didn't offer their fans any subsidies on the meals?

...maybe Wes Gullett came in fourth because most of his fans didn't want to make the drive down from Paradise Valley?

...maybe Stanton's former treasurer snatched some of his opponent's ballots?

...maybe Eichenauer ... um, who?