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Josh Hamilton Pictures Won't Boost Business at Maloney's Tavern; Tempe Bar Closed in March


Maloney's Tavern can't cash in on the exposure from pro ballplayer Josh "Body Shots for Jesus" Hamilton's January night of drunken debauchery:

The Tempe bar closed its doors in March due to the bad economy.

Hamilton, a Texas Rangers outfielder, can be seen having a great time with some local gals (none of whom was his wife) in pictures being widely circulated on the Internet. Deadspin.com first published the photos over the weekend.


The name of the green-beer-flavored chain of restaurant/bars is mentioned in captions that run with the pictures. Hamilton admitted his relapse in other reports, though he remembers the night dimly. Most articles about the celebrity's shame refer to the Maloney's only as a "Tempe bar."

The company, owned by the Scottsdale-based Mastro family, also shuttered its Scottsdale location this year.