Phoenix Police Officer Rescues Cat From Can of Soup

The best item, by far, to come from a police blotter in the Valley today is the tale of a Phoenix cop rescuing a cat from a can of soup.

You can see from the photo above why the cat needed to be rescued from the can, and the tale told by Phoenix PD should be nominated for some sort of non-fiction short-story award.

Here's the story, as told by Phoenix PD on the department's Facebook page, because we're not sure it can be told any better than this:


Were you to ask, a lot of Phoenix Police officers will tell you they see some pretty strange things over the course of a regular patrol shift on the streets of Phoenix, especially those who work the night shift. And just when they think they've seen it all . . .

Well, about 10 p.m. Wednesday January 8, Phoenix Police Officer Eric Godbehere was patrolling the area of 7th Street and Roma, just minding his own police business, when he saw a pretty weird, um, something in the roadway. Now Eric was sure (hoping anyway) it was some kind of animal but the creature was moving very cautiously, high stepping it if you will, across the road. Concerned, Eric turned on the emergency lights of his patrol car and went out to investigate. That's when Eric met "Noodles" the cat. You see Noodles was walking very slowly across the road because he had a soup can attached to his little head.

Eric was immediately worried that Noodles might be injured and surely the kitty was in danger, but Eric also knows a bit about cats and their curiosity. Eric couldn't help but smile and take a quick photo of Noodles, how else was he going to get people to believe him, before picking up the poor animal and offering a bit of first responder assistance. Eric relates the soup can was on Noodles' head pretty good and his first attempt to remove it without causing harm failed. Not only that, Noodles wasn't exactly helping the situation what with all his kicking and struggling. Poor thing had no idea Eric was just trying to help!

In the end, Eric was able to gently remove the soup can from Noodles' head and, without so much as a "thank you very much" Noodles jumped from the officers arms and fled as if he had a felony warrant. No need for a foot pursuit, Noodles was gone. Eric is quite sure the cat was not in anyway injured and he also believed the reason for Noodles' dilemma was that he was probably a stray and was hungry when he made entrance into the soup can. Eric, like the rest of us, hopes for the best for Noodles. He certainly used one of his "nine lives" on January 8th. Let's just hope Noodles has eight more!

Thanks Eric, perhaps the two of you will meet again.

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