Green Fatigue

Chandler City Hall: Don't Drink From Toilets

If you see a toilet in Chandler's new City Hall, fight the urge and don't drink from it. Seems fairly obvious, but if you forget, the city's been kind enough to post signs as a reminder.

In almost every bathroom in the new, uber-"green" facility are signs saying "Urinals and Toilets are served with gray water. Do Not Drink."

Check out a photo of the new signs -- compliments of Arizona IndyMedia -- after the jump

To be honest, we don't really care what color the water is -- we're not dogs and can't see any circumstance that would find us using the toilet at the Chandler City Hall as a water fountain.  Perhaps a better sign would read "it's a fucking toilet -- if you're thirsty, use the sink."

The Arizona Republic got the scoop on the building's new signs and spoke with Chandler Mayor Boyd Dunn about how they're hopefully unnecessary.

"I'm glad that I saw that sign because I was very thirsty and looking for a means to quench my thirst," Dunn quipped. "Seriously, I'm certain there's some regulation out there that requires that type of sign."

The private bathroom in Dunn's office, which doesn't come equipped with one of the signs, is apparently exempt from whatever that regulation may be -- that or the person responsible for the signs went out on a limb and assumed the mayor has enough common sense to not drink out of a toilet.