Obama Ordered Shots After Downing Margarita, Says Macayo's Staff

A article headlined "Obama Graduates to the Hard Stuff" pokes fun at the president for slurping down a magarita with his family this weekend at the local landmark restaurant, Macayo's. But the gossip site doesn't fully report how much hard stuff Obama reportedly had.

According to a Channel 12 (KPNX-TV) news broadcast on Saturday night, Obama and Michelle each drank a fully loaded "tres margarita" during dinner. (Side note from the Grammar Police: We have to bust the chops of anchor Lin Sue Cooney here for a sec. She commented that the margarita "ironically" contains Presidente Brandy -- but that's not ironic, it's appropriate).

A Macayo's waitress gushes that Obama loved the drink, at which point the reporter asks her if it's true the president ordered two more magaritas.

As you can see in the Channel 12 video, the waitress, Racquel Loera (in Channel 12 screen grab above), answers in the affirmative. But then she asks someone off camera, who reminds her that the president actually ordered two shots of something. (They don't say what the shots were of -- was it more brandy, shots of tequila, or something more for a Bud Light drinker, like shots of Jagermeister? Also unsaid is whether Michelle chugged one of the shots or if Obama did them both.

One thing's for sure, Obama (who was probably smoking a cigarette at the time) didn't allow any cameras to capture what could have been an iconic image of him and Michelle doing shots at Macayo's.