Go Daddy Releases Photo of New Girl's Rack. Full Identity to be Revealed in Super Bowl Ad

Go Daddy continues to tease men everywhere by gradually releasing images of various body parts of the woman who will be featured in the company's Super Bowl ad this year, and we gotta say, things are shaping up nicely.

The chest pictured to the right belongs to the new "Go Daddy Girl," whose full identity will be revealed during the Scottsdale-based company's Super Bowl ad this Sunday.

"We are going to out-Go Daddy ourselves with this one," Go Daddy's CEO and founder Bob Parsons says. "Who is she? I can tell you our new Go Daddy Girl is a big name -- she's iconic, she's edgy, she's off the hook funny and as long as I don't talk too much, I think most everyone will be absolutely shocked!"

Today's chest shot is the third in a series of photos released by the company to hype its often-edgy Super Bowl ads. Last week, the company released photos of the new "Go Daddy Girl's" ass and legs. See photos of each by clicking here and here.

Go Daddy aired its first racey TV ad during the 2005 Super Bowl. The ad, the company claims, is known as "the most effective commercial ever to have aired just once," because it depicted a spoof of Janet Jackson's infamous wardrobe malfunction and was pulled before it was aired a second time.

"The censorship triggered controversy and helped boost Go Daddy from a new market share of 16 percent before the 2005 Super Bowl to 25 percent of all new domain-name registrations after the game. That number is close to 50 percent today," the company claims.

This year's ad, the company says, already has been approved by network officials.

The company says the new GoDaddy Girl has agreed to keep her identity secret. In this year's ad, titled "Unveiling," former Go Daddy Girls Danica Patrick and Jillian Michaels have roles introducing the new addition. The ad will air during the Super Bowl on February 6.