Joe Arpaio's Shameless Self-Promotion After Boston Marathon Explosions (Video)

Above is the video clip we referenced Monday, the one in which Sheriff Joe Arpaio successfully used the explosions at the Boston Marathon for some attention on Fox News.

"They're even after the sheriff here," Arpaio told Fox's Neil Cavuto.

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Cavuto explained all of Arpaio's qualifications for being on national TV at the moment, including 1) being born in Boston, 2) being raised in Boston, and 3) working in Boston -- only one of which is true, as Arpaio says he was born and raised in Springfield, which is 90 miles away.

"I have five threats to hit me with cartels," Arpaio said after being asked about national security. "The latest one was last week, so maybe being high-profile from Washington to Maricopa County with certain groups that don't like the sheriff, and I'll tell you I'm not leaving, I'm going to be the sheriff for many years."

Of course, Arpaio's no stranger to exploiting tragedy.

Just a couple weeks ago, Arpaio tried to butt in to the murder of Mingo County Sheriff Eugene Crum, which wasn't nearly as gross as his lengthy exploitation of the dead children from Newtown, Connecticut, as he brought in actor Steven Seagal to simulate a school shooting.