Judge Bans Sheriff's Office From Setting Up Media Interviews With Jodi Arias

It looks like the local Fox affiliate's weak interview with Jodi Arias is the only interview with her anyone's going to get in the immediate future.

The Maricopa County Sheriff's Office sent a brief to the news media this afternoon saying that the agency received an order from Judge Sherry Stephens that "prohibits Sheriff's Office officials from approaching defendant Jodi Arias for the purposes of media interview requests."

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The MCSO didn't pass along any reason, or perceived reason, behind the order, but her only jailhouse interview is the one where she was acting all suicide-ish, saying that "death is the ultimate freedom."

Arias, the convicted murder/drama queen, was just taken off "suicide protocol" Monday and sent back to Estrella Jail, where she's housed solo in a cell.

MCSO says the agency will start hooking up media and Arias, if Arias agrees, as soon as the order's lifted.

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