Lil Wayne Bids Fans Adieu in Online Video; Next Stop: the Slammer (After Some Light Dental Work, Of Course)

Legally challenged rapper Lil Wayne was expected to turn himself in to authorities tomorrow to begin a year-long jail sentence for gun charges in New York. Weezy's sentencing has been delayed, however, so the rapper can undergo dental surgery.

Before learning that his sentencing would be delayed, Weezy had time for one last assault on the English language via-a live video feed.

He took to the Upstream page of Lil' Twist, an artist on his Young Money label, to say goodbye to his "real" fans in a nearly hour-long, "gangsta" rant.

Check it out here.

"For all the people that didn't know, this is the last time you gonna be seeing me live for a long muthafuckin' time. So watch: This is history," Lil' (born Dwayne Carter) says in the video.

History, huh? He's a rapper going to jail -- this isn't exactly a moon landing.


Wayne goes on to thank his fans and hate on "da haters."

"I'm out this bitch," Wayne says, sitting outside a Miami studio. "To all my fans, my real fans I really, really truly love you. I love you with all of me for real."

Here are a few more choice quotes from Lil Wayne's rant, which may cast some light on to what prevents many of his fans from being able to form coherent sentences.

-"Why I be so close to the camera? You could really tell I don't know nothing about the computer. ... I'm really like a old nigga."

-"My hair got bounce! That shit's nice, you feel me? That shit real nice. This is Lil Wayne, featuring my hair. And no, I did not have to cut my air off. That's a stupid rumor. Look at this beautiful shit."

-"Nah, nigga, I love you. It's all love.You know what I told you, hold that shit down."

This is, like, the second-coming of Shakespeare, you feel us?

Wayne's sentencing for his New York gun charge is rescheduled on March 2. Then Wayne is scheduled to head to Yuma to stand trial for similar gun and drug charges on March 25.