Frank Banashley's Accused of Stabbing a Woman, Believe It or Not

It may or may not be hard to believe, but the individual pictured to the right -- who has a criminal history that includes being an accessory to the murder of a cop -- is accused of stabbing a woman.

Frank Banashley, 31, has been out of prison (for a different conviction) for a little over a year now, but he is back in jail after he stabbed his girlfriend this weekend, Scottsdale police say.

Police were called to an apartment at 116th Street and Sahuaro -- behind the Mountainside Fitness on Shea Boulevard, for those familiar with the area -- on Sunday night, about a report of a woman being stabbed.

The victim got out of the apartment, but Banashley locked himself inside, according to the Scottsdale PD.

Cops negotiated with him and eventually got him out two hours later.

The victim, 29, was Banashley's girlfriend and had been stabbed three times, although her injuries weren't life-threatening, according to the cops.

Honestly, we're more surprised about Banashley having a girlfriend than we are about the stabbing allegations.

Banashley was arrested on aggravated-assault charges, which is pretty tame, compared to his previous criminal history.

In 1999, Banashley, then 18, and his father were pulled over by a cop on the White Mountain Apache Indian Reservation.

Banashley and his father ended up getting into a fight with the cop, and Banashley's father took the cop's gun and shot him dead.

Banashley's father got 42 years in prison, but Banashley got just nine.

By 2008, U.S. Marshals were searching for Banashley after he escaped from a halfway house he was ordered to live at after being released from prison. He was caught at a motel in Mesa after about a month on the run.

He was back in prison yet again in late 2010, after getting 18 months for resisting arrest. He was released in February 2012.

To add insult to injury, court records show Banashley was just charged in Phoenix for failing to stop at the scene of an accident.