Tempe Criminal-Defense Attorney Shot His Secretary/Girlfriend's Ex-Boyfriend, Cops Say

A Tempe criminal-defense attorney is accused of shooting his secretary/girlfriend's ex-boyfriend, an event the victim says he recorded on video with his iPhone.

Attorney Joe Palmisano, 48, is the alleged shooter, and police say he shot Ryan Hall Thursday morning in the parking lot of Palmisano's law office, near Rural Road and Baseline Road.

Hall has a son with Palmisano's secretary, who has also been Palmisano's girlfriend for the past six months, and Hall showed up to the office Thursday for a custodial exchange, according to court documents obtained by New Times.

Palmisano took his .357 handgun out to the parking lot and ordered Hall out of his car, according to the documents. Hall grabbed the barrel of the gun and tried to wrestle it away from Palmisano, but Palmisano fired at Hall, hitting him in the back. Hall says this was recorded on his iPhone, which police now have.

According to the court documents, Palmisano then stood over Hall, saying "something to the effect of, 'Do you feel that? That's you dying, boy."

Police arrested Palmisano without incident.

Palmisano said he thought Hall was hacking his computers and tapping his phones, although it's not clear how legitimate those concerns are.

Hall was hospitalized, and Palmisano was arrested on charges of attempted murder and kidnapping.

Palmisano's bond was set at $180,000.