Scottsdale Contractor Holds One-Man Protest of Dentistry Office; Claims Bills Unpaid

Scottsdale contractor Michael Campbell is going public over a dispute with one of his clients, a dentistry firm for which he recently built offices.

It's the kind of squabble over money and contracts that fills Maricopa County courts every day -- in fact, Campbell filed a lawsuit last week against the firm. But Campbell also knows a local public relations professional, Michelle Truman to let media types like us know about his woes. And he's evidently got lots of time on his hands.

Campbell, (seen at left in a submitted photo), has been staked out in front of his target, Peoria Dentistry, for the last two days to protest what he says is a firm that won't pay its bills. The company owes him $95,000 for his work, Campbell says.

A public protest an interesting tactic -- and one that Gary Gold of Peoria Dentistry says he's more than willing to take on.

"He's an idiot with nothing better to do," Gold tells New Times. "He's just begging to be screwed."

After talking to both parties in the lawsuit -- Gold says Campbell left work unfinished, Campbell says he did what the contract called for -- it's clear this is a real "he said, he said" story and we aren't even going to try getting to the bottom of it.

But if you see Campbell braving the wet weather at Peoria Dentistry today, 8914 N. 91st Avenue in Peoria, or at the firm's Scottsdale office on Monday, 8350 E. Raintree Drive, you'll know why.

"I'm absolutely embarrassing myself by doing (this)," Campbell tells us.

Though it's impossible for people to evaluate the righteousness of Campbell's cause as they drive by his one-man protest, maybe the pressure of his public display will cause the company to give in to his demands.

On the other hand, maybe his tactic will simply bring attention to the newly opened dentist offices, increasing their business.

We'll check back on this one to see how it went. -- Ray Stern