Barrett-Jackson Auction Rakes in More Than $68 Million

The numbers are in, and the torrential weather seems to have had little effect on the posh Barrett-Jackson luxury car auction in Scottsdale last week -- the cars drew some serious coin.

The company announced today that, in total, the auction brought in about $68 million in one week, an 11 percent increase from last year's event.

Some of the auctions biggest hits were a 1964 Shelby Cobra Roadster, which went for $478,500, a 1963 Shelby Cobra Roadster, which brought in $401,000, and a 1935 Cadillac Fleetwood Imperial convertible, which went for a $302,000.

Oh, how the other half lives.

"Barrett-Jackson remains the heartbeat and bellwether of car collecting," gushes Barrett-Jackson President Steve Davis.

The most expensive item, however, wasn't a car at all but a 1929 Hamilton Metalplane that sold for $671,000.

From the looks of the vintage plane, we're not sure if it can get off the ground, but at $671,000, it would look great on some rich guy's lawn.

There had been concern that the weather would be a factor in the auction's success, after the Valley got crushed with a wet winter storm, but the event seemed to go on without a hitch.

"Even with the worst weather the Phoenix area has seen in decades, buyers, sellers, and visitors from across the country enjoyed another incredible Scottsdale event," says Barrett-Jackson CEO, Craig Jackson.