Joe Arpaio Escapee Rocky Marquez Arrested in Mexico, After Second Jail Escape

The man who escaped from one of Sheriff Joe Arpaio's jails in May was captured again.

The U.S. Marshals Service says Rocky Marquez was arrested in Mexico -- which is the second time Marquez had to be tracked down. Shortly after the Marshals Service found Marquez in the Detroit area a few months ago, he escaped from another county jail.

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In May, Marquez somehow persuaded another inmate to switch identities with him, as this inmate had his bond posted and was all set to walk out the door himself -- legally.

Marquez -- who was still awaiting trial, and had no release date in sight -- switched ID wristbands with the other inmate, and while the wristbands have pictures, an MCSO spokesman told New Times that they looked similar.

Marquez must have then given the other inmate's date of birth and other random personal information to the officer at the exit door to convince him that he was the other guy.

In the end, Marquez walked right out the door and wasn't seen for months.

The U.S. Marshals Service eventually tracked down Marquez to the Detroit area in January, and while Marquez was in the custody of authorities in Wayne County, Michigan -- waiting to be extradited back to Maricopa County -- he pulled the same gag he'd pulled on Arpaio's boys.

Now, again, the Marshals Service says Marquez has been caught, this time in Mexico.

Before escaping Arpaio's custody, Marquez had been in the jail since September 2010, on charges of perjury, forgery, witness tampering, DUI, misconduct involving weapons, and leaving the scene of an accident.

As far as we know, at the time of this post, Marquez is still in some sort of jail.