More Than 2,200 Man-Hours Yield 10 Arrests; Arpaio Calls Posse's Mall Patrol Success

The gaggle of deputized geriatrics that Sheriff Joe Arpaio unleashes on Valley malls during the holiday season sure took an, um, bite out of crime this year -- if you ask the sheriff, anyway.

In a news release today, Joe calls this year's Posse Mall Patrol a success, despite more than 2,200 man-hours yielding only 10 arrests.

Perhaps by "success" Joe means none of these oldies broke a hip.

Along with the 10 arrests the sheriff reports that, these, um, crime-fighters helped the real police issue 36 traffic citations, and helped find two stolen cars.

More than 2,200 hours in Phoenix only turned up two stolen cars? That's like going to Napa and only finding two grapes -- Arizona is notorious for car thefts, with more than 50,000 stolen each year.

It's adorable how Joe finds busy work for Valley seniors during the holiday season, but with these numbers, all we can be thankful for is that they're not getting paid.