Medical Marijuana Proponents Remain Hopeful, Despite Early Results

As initial poll results start to come in, Proposition 203 -- the Arizona Medical Marijuana Initiative -- is losing by a small margin. The mood at Alice Cooper'stown-- where supporters of Prop 203 have gathered to await election results -- is one of reserved excitement and hope.

About 100 people (most dressed in suits and dresses) are gathered on the patio at this "rock and jock" restaurant on Jackson Street, surrounded by "Yes! On Prop 203" signs. On the patio deck at Cooper'stown are members of the Arizona Medical Marijuana Policy Project, the group that authored and sponsored Prop 203.
Initial results -- with 153 precincts reporting -- showed Prop 203 down by about 3 percent of the vote. The project's Andrew Myers pointed out that the votes came mostly from Prescott, which is "not one of our stronger support areas."


As of this writing, 520 precincts had reported. "We're down by 20,000 votes, but the big counties haven't reported yet."

We'll keep you posted on Valley Fever and report the reactions on the Prop 203 vote -- be they jubilant party or tragic sadness -- once the final results are in.