Scottsdale Man Who Starved Kids Gets Sentenced to 14.75 Years

Blair Parker was sentenced to nearly 15 years in prison today for starving his three young children nearly to the brink of death under a low-calorie, "vegan" diet.

While stiff in some respects, the sentence is less than half of what his wife, Kimu Parker, received last year even though Frankie Grimsman, the prosecutor in both cases, said the husband and wife shared equal blame for the abuse. New Times covered the Parkers' tragic case in a feature article last year.

Blair Parker cried as he told Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Roland Steinle he was sorry for what happened, but Steinle didn't buy it. Parker's courtroom demeanor and his statements to police in 2005 after his youngest child was hospitalized — weighing just 13 pounds at age 3 — proved he wasn't genuinely remorseful.