The Nine Worst Arizona Town Names

You know who sucks at naming towns? A lot of people who set up shop in Arizona back in the day.
Check out the nine worst names for Arizona towns:

9) Why

According to town legend, Why is named after the "Y" formed by the intersection of State Route 85 and State Route 86. The U.S. Postal Service apparently needed three letters on a town to deliver mail to it — again, according to town legend — so instead of picking a name that didn't suck, someone settled on Why.

8) Top-of-the-World 

Spoiler alert: The elevation in Top-of-the-World isn't even that high. The elevation atop Humphreys Peak, the highest point in Arizona, is almost three times higher. We have no explanation for all the hyphens, either.

7) So-Hi

To our dismay, there's no indication that this is a colony dedicated to marijuana smoking.

6) Bagdad

This name got exponentially crappier in 2003, even though it has nothing to do with the Iraqi capital. The unverified local legend surrounding the town's name is even worse than the actual name. "Legend has it that a father and a son were mining for copper in the late 1800s," according to CNN. "The son wanted a sack for his copper and said to his father, 'Do you have a bag, Dad?'" Which is pathetic.