230 Pounds of Cheese Seized at U.S./Mexico Border

U.S. Customs and Border Protection is proud to report that it has prevented 230 pounds of cheese from entering the United States of America.

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No, this wasn't the typical drug-smuggling trick of hiding some meth in food products.

The reason for the cheese seizure, according to CBP, is that it was just too much friggin' cheese.

Joane Thale-Lembo, the director of the port in Santa Teresa, New Mexico, says in a statement that people are only allowed to bring in "personal quantities" of cheese, which is "something in the 10 pound range."

CBP says the cheese-carrier came through the port Friday night, and officers found three big ice chests upon inspection of the pickup truck.

Officers found "numerous bundles of undeclared cheese," according to CBP.

Don't worry, folks, the cheese has been "destroyed," according to the agency.

The attempted cheese importer, who's described as a 50-year-old permanent resident who lives in Colorado, paid a $300 fine before heading home.