Joe Arpaio Wants to Run the Department of Homeland Security in Kenya?

Here's your "Moment of Zen" for the day: Elderly Sheriff Joe Arpaio wonders if President Obama will call him for the Department of Homeland Security post being vacated by Janet Napolitano.

It seems a bit strange that Arpaio has a desire to collude with a president he claims has a fake birth certificate.

Gee, let's explore a few possibilities of what could actually be going on here:

  • Arpaio wants to be head of the DHS in Kenya. Or is it Indonesia?

  • Cold Case Posse lead investigator Michael Zullo gave clearance for an undercover operation.

  • The above photograph is not authentic, but rather a carefully crafted, computer-generated forgery.

  • Upon closer inspection in Photoshop, it reveals the layers of the image, showing that this is actually a photograph of President Obama and Satan:

  • Arpaio's just looking for attention.

  • *GASP* Maybe, just maybe, consider that the entire investigation into President Obama's birth certificate was a steaming load of bullshit.

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