Phoenix Mom Punches 11-Year Old Son to Show Her Baby-Daddy "What She Can Do"

Debra Kastner, 31, of Phoenix, wanted to show her baby-daddy and local police that she's untouchable -- so she called her 11-year old son over and punched him in the lower-back.

According to police records, Kastner and the baby-daddy had  an argument, which led her to hit the child and brag that neither the police nor the father could do anything about it -- al while laughing in her man's face.

Twenty minutes later, she was in jail.

If that weren't bad enough, Kastner is 5'3 and weighs 300 pounds. Her son is 4'4 and 80. That's as unfair a fight as it gets.

To be fair to Kastner, she did prove that she can do damage to her man, as she attacked him and left a half-inch gash on his head. Police records are unclear whether she punched him or threw something at him.

The victim told police Kastner has a problem with marijuana in that when she smokes too much of it, she goes crazy.

We think her problems extend much deeper than that.

If that weren't bad enough, the kid hadn't even done anything to deserve a spanking. Kastner told police she simply wanted to show her her man "what she can do," by which she presumably did not mean get my dumb ass thrown into jail.