Jan Brewer

Jan Brewer's Blowup On Barack Obama: Political Theatrics, Or Jan Bein' Jan?

Anyone with any respect for what the office of the president of the United States represents should take one look at the above photo of Governor Jan Brewer sticking her finger in the face of this country's commander in chief and say "who the f**k do you think you are, lady?"

Sadly, there are undoubtedly those who look at Brewer's finger to Obama's face as just another way that Governor Glug-Glug's stickin' it to the federal government -- something she so often brags about.

It could be argued that the governor simply lacks poise -- a position we absolutely will not argue.

However, pissin' off the feds is Jan's "thing" -- ever since she realized it translated into votes here in the "Colt Single-Action Revolver State."

Some say Brewer's dumb -- again, a position we won't argue -- but stickin' her finger in the face of one of the most unpopular (amongst the far-right-wing-nuts) presidents in U.S. history might just be one of the (politically) smartest things she's ever done. Sans signing (after extensive public polling, of course) SB 1070, Arizona's controversial immigration law.

Not to over-estimate Brewer's cranial capacity, but we wonder if perhaps she even planned it?

You see, the above picture of Jan is now a campaign photo -- a rallying cry for those who disagree with the president, and are looking for a politician willing to take him on, regardless of how dopey she may be.

In other words, shaking her finger in the face of the most powerful man on earth might be as smart politically as signing SB 1070 -- for a wannabe far-right-winger, that is.

We want to know what you think: is Brewer's finger to Obama's face just Jan bein' Jan, or a piece of political theater, designed to add to the myth that Jan is a state's rights crusader?

Cast your vote below.