Derek Anderson to Start at QB Sunday in Arizona Cardinals' Impending Loss to St. Louis Rams

Arizona Cardinals Coach Ken Whisenhunt said this morning that despite his remarkably awful showing -- and his nationally televised tirade that followed -- on Monday Night Football last night, Derek Anderson will remain the Cards' starting QB for the team's upcoming loss to the St. Louis Rams on Sunday.

The move isn't because Anderson's good and just had a bad night or because Whisenhunt has confidence in his shitty starter -- it's 'cause The Whiz doesn't have another viable option.

Undrafted rookie QB Max Hall may have a little more spunk than Anderson (he probably wouldn't be gettin' all giggly with linemen when down 18 points in the fourth quarter, that is) but he already had his chance to take Anderson's job and blew it. Whisenhunt's not giving him another shot -- yet.

Then there's John Skelton, who has even less experience than Hall. Whiz says a start by Skelton aint happenin' -- this week, anyway.

"It's tough. He's a young guy, hasn't gotten a lot of reps, and you run the risk of damaging a young player when you put him in there to play. I have very high hopes for John and his future, and his time is going to come to play. I can't say that won't happen some time this year, but right now I don't think it's the direction you want to go," Whisenhunt told the Arizona Republic.

As for Anderson's giggle-fest with lineman Deuce Lutui -- while trailing the San Francisco 49ers by 18 points in the fourth quarter of last night's game -- and the nationally televised outburst that followed, Whisenhunt told the Republic he's confident the two are taking things seriously.

From the Republic:

"Those guys have worked hard, they want to win," he said. "I'm not going to read too much into a couple of seconds of what you see on video. I'm going to base it on what I know about those guys and their demeanor and their approach.

"Listen, we've got a lot of issues that we've got to get corrected, and that's a small one compared to some of the other things we have to do."

We realize Whisenhunt's options are zilch when making some of these corrections, but the biggest issue that needs to be "corrected" is getting Derek Anderson a one-way ticket to forced-retirement-ville and giving Hall another shot at the big time. Hey, things can't get much worse.