Maricopa County Craziness

Andrew Thomas Wusses Out of Disbarment Appeal; Judge May Order County to Pay Mary Rose Wilcox; Conley Wolfswinkel Wins Again

Here's a quick rundown on Maricopa County news today:

* Andrew Peyton Thomas, former Maricopa County Attorney, failed politician and author of right-wing books, won't appeal a state Supreme Court Disciplinary Panel's decision to cancel his law license. We've cut-and-pasted his wussyish comments about being railroaded below.

As Thomas explained in a guffaw-inducing news conference recently, in which he compared himself to Martin Luther King, Jr. and Gandhi, he's hard at work on a new book about the "corrupt" forces in Arizona he believes are responsible for his downfall. If he ever manages to get it published, our advice is to wait a few weeks -- sellers on will be giving away new copies at bargain-basement prices, like they do for his other books.