Backhoe-Driving Thieves Excavate Mesa Walgreens, Rob ATM Cashbox

This is the modern version of digging for treasure:


Someone used a backhoe early this morning to claw through a Mesa Walgreen's and drag out the store's ATM. The machine then made quick work of the ATM, smashing it apart until the cashbox was freed.

A news release by Mesa police states that officers arrived on the scene at 3624 N. Power Road following the 3:30 a.m. robbery to find the entire front door of the drugstore smashed out and the ATM on the sidewalk with its cashbox missing. They later saw what had happened in a surveillance camera recording (which hasn't yet been released to the public).

The backhoe was left by the thief in the parking lot next to the store. Back to digging boring old holes in the ground...


Mesa police news release follows:




04/23/2009 Time 03:30 AM Case Number 20091130090
Type of Incident Burglary Class Other
Location Str Num 3624 Dir North Str Name Power City Mesa ST AZ

Narrative On the listed date and time, officers were dispatched to the WalGreens store located at 3624 N. Power Road. Upon arrival officers found the entire front door broken out and the ATM on the front sidewalk with the cash box missing. In searching the area, a back hoe tractor was located in the parking lot next to the WalGreens. Video surveillance of the front door showed the back hoe being backed up to the door. The operator then used the back hoe and broke through the glass door and windows and drug the ATM out of the building. The back hoe was used to break the ATM machine until the cash box was separated from the machine. The cash box was then drug out of the range of the camera and the tractor was driven out of the area. Crime Scene Technician was called to process both the Walgreens and the tractor. No suspect description available at this time.