Governor Brewer Keeps Up Offensive on Budget Bill

Governor Jan Brewer is keeping up the pressure on lawmakers today to send her a budget plan, calling a news conference this morning at 11 a.m. on the steps of the Arizona Supreme Court.

Brewer told reporters yesterday she is asking the Supreme Court justices to force State Senate President Bob Burns to send her 10 bills that make up the state budget -- so she can veto them. Brewer has her own ideas about how to fix the state's money problems, and has promised it won't require a new tax increase.

Brewer still thinks voters should have the final say on the tax plan. But by taking away her own urgent call for higher taxes, Brewer becomes less of a target for her critics.

This could increase her chances of keeping her seat come November. Her stated plan to accomplish a balanced budget by borrowing more money and using financial "bridges," (is that the same thing as "accounting tricks?), she might be able to stave off disaster until safely re-elected.


UPDATE: Brewer followed through on ther plan to sue the State Legislature, asking Supreme Court justices to require lawmakers to send her the budget bills.




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