FYI: Grenades -- Even Phony Ones -- Are Not Allowed at a Dairy Queen

It may come as a shock to a Mesa woman, but grenades are not welcome at Dairy Queen.

Mesa police say 30-year-old Renee Deshaies walked into a Dairy Queen in the 600 block of East Main Street in Mesa to get some ice cream last night. After getting the ice cream, she pulled out a grenade.

Deshaies showed the grenade to employees, and, naturally, they freaked out.

Employees called the cops to alert them that a woman just brought what appeared to be a live grenade into a Dairy Queen, and Deshaies was stopped by police as she rode her bike away from the store.

Deshaies told police she found the grenade at Pioneer Park -- less than a mile from the store. She said she thought the grenade was real and planned to turn it over to police after whipping it out in a fast food restaurant.

Mesa's Hazardous Device Team inspected the grenade and determined it was only a training grenade that wasn't capable of being detonated.

Deshaies was booked on one count each of misconduct involving a simulated explosive device, and disorderly conduct.