Tattooed White Supremacist Suspect Recently Finished 10-Year Prison Sentence

With a face full of tattoos like these, you're looking for trouble no matter where you go.

Which made us wonder when we saw this picture of suspected white supremacist stabber Chad Kerns that Phoenix police e-mailed yesterday to the news media: Where does this guy hang out?

Okay, maybe he could go to the mall if he wore a hat, but broadcasting the fact that you like Nazis on your forehead seems to be publicly acceptable, well -- nowhere.

Except in prison.

Which is exactly where Kerns has been for the last 10 years.

Arizona Department of Corrections records show Kerns served a 10-year sentence from May of 1998 to May of this year for armed robbery.

The guy was 20 when he committed the crime -- just another mixed-up young punk. After 10 years in the slammer, where he was apparently comfortable within the support structure of a white power gang, Kerns spent just a few months of freedom in the Valley before getting in trouble again.

Looks like he'll be going back home soon, where he can show his face with pride. -- Ray Stern