Weekend Eats

3 Best Things to Eat and Drink This Weekend in Metro Phoenix

Viet Nom Nom Nom Dinner Lab Friday, April 10

This Friday the dining event company known as Dinner Lab will debut in Phoenix with Viet Nom Nom Nom, a pop-up dinner featuring chef Nini Nguyen. The company hosts pop-up events in cities from coast to coast with diners paying an annual subscription fee of $125 to get access to the Dinner Lab calendar. This first event -- the location of which won't be announced until 24 hours before the dinner -- features New Orleans-born chef Nguyen, who trained under Tairq Hanna of Sucre and Angela Pinkerton of Eleven Madison Park. The menu will include five courses of authentic Vietnamese dishes including Xoi Chien Don (crispy rice cake) and Cha Ca La Vong (turmeric and lemon grass­-seared fish). For more information or to join, visit the Dinner Lab website.