Guilty Pleasures

Chips Ahoy! Root Beer Float Flavor Misses the Boat

The Guilty Pleasure: Chewy Chips Ahoy! Ice Cream Creations - Root Beer Float Where to Get It: Grocery stores, right next to the other weird Chips Ahoy! flavors Price: $2.98 What it Really Costs: The crushing reality that two of your favorite childhood desserts don't go well together.

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The combination of a root beer float and a chewy Chips Ahoy! cookie seems like something that every chubby second-grader dreams of on their bus ride home.

Someone at Chips Ahoy! clearly had that same thought, and the marketing department decided to run with it. Unfortunately, it works poorly enough that the only people who would like it are probably chubby second-graders in search of an after-school snack.

It's not that the cookies are necessarily bad (they're still cookies), it's just that they lose some of the magic of a root beer float.

One of the aspects of a root beer float that really makes it work is the cold creaminess of the ice cream mixed with the flavor of the root beer. In this form, all of that creamy goodness is removed and replaced with a slightly dry chewy cookie that tastes loosely like the root beer-flavored hard candy that old people always have sitting around.

We'd like to say that the brown and white chips add some variety of flavors, but every bite of the cookie just has the same monotonous root beer flavor. The chips add a bit of texture to the cookies, but that's about it. They're basically the root beer equivalent of peanut butter cookies.

If you wish there were more root beer-flavored desserts/snacks (you can only eat so many Dum Dums), then maybe you'll be a fan of this Chips Ahoy! creation. If not, we suggest you stick with the dozens of other options.

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