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Songbird Coffee & Tea House Is Now Open in New Location on Third Street

Since opening in July 2012, Songbird Coffee & Tea House has been located inside the monOrchid Gallery on Roosevelt Row. The coffeeshop occupied a 675-square-foot corner space inside the gallery, but a number of causes (including issues with the landlord, limited parking, and a desire to expand) led owners Erin and Jonathan Carroll to relocate earlier this year.

The new Songbird Cofee & Tea House can be found at 812 North Third Street, about a tenth of a mile south of the former location.

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"It's just great being in a space that we can really call our own," says owner Jonathan Carroll.

The new Songbird takes over half of a downtown Phoenix home built in 1902. The space still features the original door, wood floors, and fireplace, giving the front room of the Songbird a unique, historical charm.

Carroll says the space required quite a bit of work before they could open. Improvements included adding custom-built benches and bar seating and converting the large community table from the old Songbird into several smaller tables that better fit the new space.

Customers will have to walk through the front room to get to the counter to order coffee. And fans of the old shop may notice the menu at the new location has been "completely depleted," according to Carroll. Where there were once three panels of drinks, you'll now find just one.

"We're just trying to keep it simple," he says, explaining that the smaller menu will allow the baristas to focus more on quality and educating customers.

The back room of the shop also features a sun-drenched seating nook outfitted with a dramatic light fixture, a couch, and stylish chairs.

With the additional space, Carroll says he hopes to feature bands and possibly host flea markets on the coffee shop's patio. He's also looking forward to possible collaborations with other nearby business including the FilmBar and Milk Bar.

"Third Street is kinda becoming a cool place to be," Carroll says.

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