Coachella 2015

Funniest Craigslist Ads for People Bartering Coachella Wristbands

Timothy Norris
There's never just one way to get into Coachella. Cash, of course, is always king. But there are still myriad ways to ensure that your exposed flesh is burning along with the rest of us in the Indio sun. In that case, it's nice to know that bartering, the age-old system that once made this country great, is still intact. And even in this economy, Coachella definitely inspires people to step their game up--whether their on the giving or receiving end of wristbands. It's one thing to equate the price of admission to a pile of greenbacks -- but what else in your world would be worth giving up to get in? Of course, there's always your soul. Here's the funniest Coachella Craigslist Barters we came across.