Wet Electric

The 50 Most Beautiful People of Wet Electric

For the most part, electronic dance music is a realm of the young. For proof, look no further than this year's Wet Electric in Tempe where a majority of the thousands in attendance at the two-day music festival were firmly in the under-30 age range and were definitely of the young and beautiful variety.

Given that it was both an EDM event and the self-proclaimed "largest pool party in North America," it shouldn't be surprising that pretty much everyone in attendance were sporting bikinis, boardshorts, or sporting neon-colored rage gear like snapbacks and tanktops.

And some looked better than others.

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In fact, we'd even go so far to call them the most beautiful people that we encountered at Wet Electric. And since beauty is, of course, in the eye of the beholder, you might not necessarily agree, but the following Wet Electric attendees were those who caught our eye for whatever reason.

It wasn't just ladies who looked good in their swimsuits bikini or dudes who happened to be bristling with muscles that stood out, however, as we also thought the folks that looked cool — either because of their style, verve, or costume — were beautiful in their own right.

Made in the shades.

The ragiest rager that ever did rage.

This flower child is in full bloom.

Helping to prove that blondes do have more fun.

This girl has a posse.

Double Dutch.

A handsome stranger at the Silent Disco.

Close encounters of the EDM kind.

Tongue and grooves at the Silent Disco.

The mask says high-style while the spikes say don't touch.

Looking badass in black.

A full-on bro brigade.

Our kind of couple.

You go-go girl.

Rocking the all-white apparel.

Glittery and gorgeous.

Hot looks and great tatts.

Always remember where your towel is at.

Looking cool while having fun.

Cute girls sporting cuter smiles.

They were already adorbs enough without the inflatables.

A bro to go.

Two sweet.

Dance silently and carry a big sword.

Even King Poseidon likes to party.

Sporting off-the-chain plastic chains.

Dunno if its footie pajamas or a body suit, but it looked cool nonetheless.

This is what beautiful looks like.

The Blade Runners reunite on Waikiki Beach at Wet Electric.

Having the time of her life on the zipline.

He's gets all the ladies.

Pale and pulchritudinous.

The bikini brigade.

Beautiful besties.

Looking cute and riding high.

A foxy foursome of friends.

You only wish you could look this cute.

A kooky cookie monster wades through the wave pool.

Their happy mood is quite infectious.

Patriotic and pretty.

More adorable than a baby panda parade.

Giving friends a lift is sexy.

These lovely ladies are definitely on-point.

Making neon look manly.

We dig the mask, duder.

Showing us his rage face.

Ahoy, mateys.

Hot lips and purple hair is a great combination.

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