8 of the Best Stoner Metal Albums of All Time

Oh, 4/20.

Back in the day I would skip classes, take work off, plan a baking extravaganza -- all in celebration of weed culture. But as I've gotten older, I've realized you don't need an excuse to take pleasure in the little things. Which is why we decided to join these things, and compile a list of the best stoner metal albums.

For those not familiar: While the premise of thrash and speed metal is, obviously, to make things as fast and furious and possible, the mindset of stoner metal is to slow down all that we love about the noise -- the riffs, the beats, the breakdowns -- to truly put on display the genre's influences. You hear the Mississippi blues, the distortion of metal, the sharpness of punk, the "retro" production, and the soulful harshness of Southern rock. I mean, from Blue Cheer to Sir Lord Baltimore, stoner metal has an interesting array of initial influences.