Happy Hour

The Market by Jennifer's: Happy Hour Report Card

The Spot: The Market by Jennifer's
3603 East Indian School Road, Suite A
The Hours: Happy hour is daily from 3 to 6 p.m.

Perfect for: A champagne lover.

Interior: The Market by Jennifer's mixes industrial touches of metal with the delicate flair of chandeliers. Though it appears that the restaurant offers counter service when you enter, guests are actually encouraged to have a seat at a table and wait for someone to come take their order. 

The patio seemed like a good bet to enjoy the beautiful weather last weekend, and though the misters were more of a nuisance than a boon due to the windy weather, we did appreciate the sun shades that wrapped around a majority of the outdoor space. Our waitress was friendly and helpful in explaining some of the more vague menu items. Jennifer herself even popped out a few times to make sure we were enjoying ourselves — a nice gesture since we were the only ones sitting outside. 

The Food:
During happy hour, guests can choose from five different "bites," ranging from $2.50 to $6. We decided on the prosciutto fried balls, an order of wings, the house made nachos, and the dirty pop. 

Our biggest complaint with everything except the wings was that the flavors were too subtle. The prosciutto was completely undetectable in the fried balls' mixture of rice and provolone, and we had to drench the bites in the accompanying garlic to get even the tiniest hint of garlic. The nachos, which were actually potato chips with toppings, were fine by themselves but became limp under the weight of the onion dip, which tasted more like an onion-scented cheese sauce. 

The popcorn was addicting only because it was popcorn. But we didn't taste any of the parmesan and cracked pepper until we reached the bottom of the bowl where all the flavorful bits of grated cheese were hiding. On the up side, the cheese did seem to be freshly grated. 

The wings were definitely not subtle in flavor, coated in a spicy, sweet sauce. But they were room temperature ad the meat was dry. The pickled vegetables that accompanied the wings were delicious. 

The Drinks:
As with the food, the drinks at The Market were a mixed bag. Out of the four happy hour cocktails offered, we chose the champagne cocktail ($8) and the adult lemonade with gin ($9). 

The champagne cocktail was a favorite. The hibiscus sugar gave a slight floral quality to the drink while the Fee Brothers grapefruit bitters kept the drink from becoming too sweet. We wished we'd ordered two. 

The adult lemonade fell victim to the same subtleness that overwhelmed the food. We chose to mix the drink with gin, but guests can also choose from vodka, whiskey, or rum. Served in a Tito's Vodka mason jar, the drink tasted like slightly sweet, watered down gin. Though a lemon wedge floated on top of the drink and it had the color of lemonade, there was hardly any lemon flavor. 

Conclusion: We wish The Market would amp up the flavor. The space is lovely and the staff and owner were welcoming, but we're not sure that is enough to ensure a return trip.

Don't miss:
The champagne cocktail
Skip this: The adult lemonade

Final grade: C  

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