Big Brain Awards

2015 Big Brain Award Winners Announced

We are proud to announce the recipients of the New Times' 2015 Big Brain Awards.

The five winners were presented with plaques and each received $500 to further their creative endeavors in visual art, culinary art, performing art, design, and music at Artopia on Saturday, May 9, at Monarch Theatre in downtown Phoenix.

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Visual Art Winner: Jeff Slim

Finalists: Sophie May Hook, Jorge Ignacio Torres of Palabra Collective,

Design Winner: Leonor Aispuro

Finalists: The Ranch Mine, Jon Jenkins

Culinary Art Winner: Case Coniglio

Finalists: Bo Mostow of Uptown Farmers Market, Kallen Schmerler

Music Winner: Clandestino

Finalists: Teneia, Ichi Sound

Performing Art Winner: Xanthia Walker of Rising Youth Theatre

Finalists: Angel Castro, Beth May

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