Christy Kimball's 5 Lifestyle Essentials

It's not exactly a surprise that Christy Kimball, owner of eyewear boutique Framed Ewe in Union at the Biltmore, didn't even hesitate before she chose glasses as the first of her five essentials.

But it was more than just repping her store. For Kimball, glasses are a daily expression of herself — arguably the first accessory a person will notice about her, peeking out behind her dark, side-swept bangs. 

"I look at glasses like other people look at shoes," Kimball says. 

And like most of the other items in her house, Kimball can tell you exactly where each pair came from. In regards to Kimball's lifestyle essentials, everything has a story. Whether it's where she got it, whom she found it with, or how she acquired it, Kimball can tell you a handful of facts about nearly everything in her home, especially her glasses, jewelry, kitchen island, lipsticks, and handbags.   

Opening the drawer where Kimball keeps her glasses in her bathroom is like opening tiny version of her shop. There's a pair Kimball calls her Breakfast at Tiffany's glasses, a few vintage picks from her store, a pair of Christian Dior frames she picked up at a thrift store, and some "Mr. Rogers" glasses from Salt. 

"I feel pretty when I have gym clothes on and put these ones on," she says about a pair of Thierry Lasry frames. 

It takes more than just a snazzy pair of glasses for Kimball's daily look to be complete, though. The moon and evil eye hanging around Kimball's neck are everyday staples, too. She got them from one of her neighboring businesses at Union, Mother of Gideon, and likes how they mix metals. 

"Anything really goes as long as you own it," Kimball says. 

She runs back to her bathroom to grab one of her favorite rings as well. Originally it was a silver-plated copper ring from a place called Merci in Paris. Over time, the silver plating has worn off, creating what looks like an intentional finish mixing copper and silver. 

Complementing Kimball's unique but understated jewelry is her bold lip color. Kimball says she picked up her current favorites from Citrine Natural Beauty Bar. A Jane Iredale gloss in Crabapple and a shade called 99 Red Balloons by Ilia alternate adding pops of color to Kimball's outfits.

Kimball's style goes beyond what she wears, though.

She says she couldn't entertain in her 1950s house without her custom-made kitchen island. Her friend and neighbor craftsman Jeremy Smith of SmithField created the table. She points out that Smith added in bits of turquoise to the wood grain of the top of the island, adding a pop of color and conversation-worthy detail. 

Finally, Kimball says she couldn't live without her handbags, which she's acquired from around the Valley and the world. 

"I had my own little 'Eat, Pray, Love,'" Kimball says of the two years after she sold her call and traveled the world.

Kimball's got everything from a Meche Correa bag from Peru to a sturdy reliable purse she picked up at local boutique Frances hanging on hooks near her entryway, just waiting for someone to notice and ask where she found it. 

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