Taste of Home Cooking School Comes to Mesa Arts Center This Week

When it comes to good old fashioned home cooking, Taste of Home is practically scripture. With more than three million subscribers, the company produces magazines and cookbooks dedicated to celebrating reader-made recipes. Now, they’re coming to the Valley to spread the good word.

Taste of Home Cooking School will come to the Mesa Arts Center on Thursday, June 18 and chef Jamie Dunn will cook multiple recipes from the magazine’s expansive repertoire. If you don't know what turkey club roulades are or don't yet feel confident in your ability to prepare and cook dinner for your family in less than 30 minutes, fear not. Chefs new and old can gather at the show and learn under Dunn’s expert tutelage. Dunn, who has spent almost 10 years with Taste of Home, remains passionate about encouraging chefs from all walks of life. We asked her a few questions to get things rolling.

What got you interested in cooking?

I've been cooking for about 30 years now, and I started taking [cooking] classes at school. And that's what I love about it; with cooking, you can never stop learning. I want people to find their passion in cooking.

Who is the intended audience for a show like this?

This is really for chefs of all levels. The brand new cooks will find the encouragement they need to pick up and start cooking. And those who have been cooking for 30 or 40 years will get to try new recipes to bring home.

Can you tell me what kind of recipes attendees can look forward to?

Certainly! It’s a two-hour show that is going to feature 10 recipes. The most popular one is always the turkey club roulade, which is turkey, ham, cheese and asparagus all wrapped up in bacon. Then we’ll do a strawberry cake; it’s not in season, but it’s a favorite. Another one we’re going to do is an enchilada casserole dish, which is just an easy and delicious classic.  

What do you hope people who attend this will take from the event, aside from new recipes and a satisfied appetite?

With fast food places and restaurants opening on every corner, people have become accustomed to eating out. Our goal is really to inspire people to return to cooking at home with friends and family.

To purchase tickets to Taste of Home Cooking School, which cost $17, or for more information, visit the Taste of Home website.

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