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Local Metal Singer Griffin Kolinski Passes Away

Griffin Kolinski, singer of local band Apparitions and former Knights of the Abyss bassist, passed away on July 20. He was 28. The cause of death was congenital heart failure.

Apparitions issued a statement on the passing of Kolinski on their Facebook page, stating:

“Some very sad news has unfolded. Our very good friend and vocalist, Griffin Kolinski, passed away today. As a lot of you may know, he hasn't been feeling well as of recently due to his surgery several months ago. He fought a strong uphill battle for this entire time. Our hearts and near future efforts will be with his family as they undergo this tragedy. Rest in Peace, Griffin - a truly amazing and talented individual. Your effect on the local and national music community will not ever be forgotten.”

A larger benefit show is scheduled at The Nile for August 22 and set to be a free show with donations going to his family. A GoFundMe campaign has been started by Kolinski’s older sister, Brynn Kolinski. The summary of the campaign, which has already raised more than half of the $7000 goal, describes Kolinski's lifelong battle with heart problems, which began at birth. He received his first pacemaker at just 4 days old, and the device has since been replaced three times.

"Griffin was enthusiastic about life, music and everything in between. He always stood up for someone who couldn't stand up for themselves. He was simply the most sentimental, caring person I knew," the description reads. "He was a family man, a teddy bear. He was dynamic and in the local metal community he was a vocalist, a mentor, a 'father' and a giant among men."

Kolinski had recently been working on starting his journey into becoming a local promoter with Gryphon Promotions. The first show was scheduled for July 25 at the Nile Theater's basement and is set to feature a number of surf punk bands. A post to the event’s Facebook page provided an update.

“The touring band The Frights will be payed [sic] out so they can continue on the road. All other proceeds will go to his family, as well as the proceeds from a donation booth that will be set up that night.”